Friday, 7 October 2011

Buenos Aires - A passionate city

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at Buenos Aires by plane is the never ending sea of buildings that seem to stretch all the way to the horizon.

I flew in from Cancun Mexico so to go from pristine Caribbean beach to sea of concrete is quite something!

I had met this Argentinean girl in Guatemala a few weeks before. We traveled for a while and then she went home but I wasn’t going to let her run away that easily! The plan was to work in Tulum Mexico for a couple of weeks and save up to buy a ticket to Buenos Aires. Easily said, but when you’re an illegal European working in Mexico I can tell you that the pay check ain’t that flash! 1$ an hour, yep 1$.
But luckily for me Anabel (the girl) sent me an e-mail one day with my e-ticket to Buenos Aires! So I went.
I ‘m going to stay focused here and talk about the city , all you have to know is that I married this young lady a few years later and that we are currently living in Paris.

So Buenos Aires. I have always had this romantic image of Buenos Aires, probably due to Tango.
There is definitely something romantic about that city, but maybe passionate is a better word to describe the place.

I can’t give you any real tips on hotels because I never actually stayed in one (apart from on my honeymoon) but it’s pretty easy to find a Cheap Hotel in BuenosAires.

If you are planning to go to Buenos Aires the first thing you should do is get yourself  into a little bodegon (typical restaurant) and order a Bife de Chorizo (juicy tender steak) and a bottle of Malbec wine preferably from Mendoza.  You will be charmed by the Italian looking waiters that all look like they have just escaped from the Godfather, with their implacably combed hair and proud chests.  The meat is exquisite!

I know argentine meat is a bit of a cliché but there is a reason why, believe me.

Want the real thing?  Go to Club Eros in Palermo 

If you love street food you have to try the famous Choripan, the Argentine version of a hot dog (but a lot tastier!).  Go for a stroll in Costanera or in el Tigre for the best ones!

If you’re looking for a fun dinner followed by a fun night out go to Acabar in Palermo ;the food is good, the atmosphere is great and it’s right in the middle of Buenos Aires by night.  

Enough writing about food!

The real argentine passion lies in the football stadiums! There are more than 5 BsAs teams in the first division but the best atmospheres are in La Bombonera ( Boca Juniors) or El Monumental (River Plate). 

These guys are nuts!! Just a little tip if you do go to a game; try not to dress up as a tourist and leave your mega big camera and shiny watch at home (if you know what I mean).

If you’re not into football you can go to a Milonga (tango bars) and see the dramatic sexual tension between two graceful Latin bodies. You can even give it try if you’re up for it! Didn’t work for me. The Tango Barrios are Almagro and San Telmo.  For modern tango go see The Orquesta TipicaFernandez Fierro  

Other stuff to see in Random Order:

Palermo Soho (local designer cloth market; very trendy):

 The San Telmo market (Sunday mornings):

The Colon Opera house:

Café Tortoni:

The beautiful Ateneo book store:

The Parisian architecture in Recoleta:

 The Recoleta cemetery (where Eva Peron is buried):

Take a bus (it’s scarier that any Roller Coaster ride in the world):

Go to el tigre on a Sunday afternoon:

 I’m sure I forgot loads of amazing places but the most amazing thing in Buenos Aires is the people!

If you have the opportunity to visit this very loco and passionate city do it! You wont regret it.

I'm off to drink some Mate! 

No' Vemos Boludos!