Monday, 24 January 2011

Felling Down? You’re not the only on. It’s Blue Monday!

Well, Christmas is long gone now and you realise that your New Years Eve resolutions have already been shattered into pieces as you stare at your table and see dozens of colorful wraps that inevitability came from that open box of assorted chocolate you bought from the local supermarket yesterday.

Your banker keeps leaving messages on your answer phone asking you to call him back. You’re fat (let’s be honest) and last but not least you are starting to forget what the sun looks like.

You are not the only one feeling blue in January. A study made by Cliff Arnall a former part-time tutor at the University of Cardiff claims that a combination of weather conditions, debt level, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling of a need to take action all contribute to what is known as the “January blues” which reaches its peak on the on the monday of the last full week of January known as “Blue Monday”.

But feeling down is not unavoidable and you can channel your will to take action by renewing or changing certain aspects of your life.
There are several ways to fight your little weight problem for example:
You could fly to Rio de Janeiro get a liposuction and drink martinis on the beach with your surgeon.  (On second thought the banker will not be too happy about that).

More seriously though a healthy diet and some daily exercise will see off those love handles in no time and for those of you who are allergic to hardcore abdominals and push-ups you can try an easier and more interactive way to work-out with the hugely popular game from Nintendo Wii Sport resort.
For the lack of daylight you could try light therapy or alternatively fill your living room with sand, turn your heating to the max and watch Miami Vice in your undies with a chilled tomato & celery cocktail.

And finally for your money problems apart from getting a better paid job you could sell your stuff on the internet and get cash for all the things you need to start off on a better and healthier basis.
To conclude, nothing lasts forever and we all have what it takes inside of us to make that step and start improving our way of living. Well at least for a few weeks ; )

Enjoy 2011 and be prepared for the next “Blue Monday”.